Is “Systemax X58 Crossfire Gamer PC” good enough for Video Editing?

Hi everyone,
I had a mix result building my old systems and I’m not sure I want to try that again!! Now, I need a new PC to handle HD Video Editing. So, I looked around for a system within my budget and I think I found one……
Systemax X58 Crossfire Gamer PC

But mainly this system is for gaming! So, please advise me
1. If you think that PC is OK and the price is reasonable!
2. What can I change or upgrade to make a good editing system out of it?
3. Finally, if that machine isn’t worth it and nothing is better out there I don’t mind building my system (with some of your guiding), but the difference in the price or performance has to be significant to justify taking the fear of building another unstable system out of me!!
APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: the closer the better
BUDGET RANGE: ($1500-2000) I can go more but has to be for a very good reason!
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: HD Video Editing, After Effects (CS5) and some audio recording.
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I’m open to any reputable site
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  1. No the price isn't reasonable, but yes it will do fine for video editing.
  2. Thanks cmcghee358 for your quick response
    Is the price deference (To make it reasonable) in your estimation more than $300? If more I’ll build if less I think I can live with that!!
  3. Lemmie throw together an i7 build for you then! Stay tuned! (Take maybe 10 mins)
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    It's not a huge savings, but every part is from a good manufacturer and is excellent. And it's still a lower price:

    1244 after $25.00 MIR.

    So yeah, thats a pretty good savings, I think the original one cost 1599?
  5. Im off to bed, Nyquil kicked in! Good luck
  6. WOW, that is awesome. You are a great guy!!
    Tomorrow, I’ll start doing my homework, may be I'll come back with some questions. I think I'm going to build it and I’ll let you know the result!!
    Thanks brother!
  7. Yup. That's an excellent build. HOWEVER, if the OP is not gaming, there is no need for the GTX460. Save some money and get a cheap GTS220. All these cards will work fine for video editing. However, the GTX460 should be a noticable performance in some things if using CUDA enabled features. Getting the GTX460 depends on what you plan to do OP.

    Also, if you live near a Microcenter, you can get the i7 930 for $200.
  8. Mmm it's kind of confusing, but I think his system is mainly for gaming. So I'd get something a bit better than a 460 maybe a 470. And seeing as you are under budget by a lot anyways maybe an ssd or gaming mouse/kb.

    btw on the 460gtx note. How on earth will nvidia sell an 465gtx ever again? lol

    I just came back from holiday and saw the benchmarks. The bang for buck on this card is amazing. I never thought nvidia could pull this of.
  9. Thanks Shadow for your input and sorry somebody_007 for the confusion. I’ll try to clarify things a little!
    Yes, you are right the computer I want is for Adobe CS5 (Video editing and AE)…It will never be used in gaming!!
    The fact is I’m good in the creative side but I wasn’t able to build a good stable system in the past. So, this time I have $2000 to spend and I want to get it right!!
    Because all the brand name editing systems are far expensive, My original plan was to find a good gaming rig around $1500 and use the rest of the money ($500) to tweak things around to make it an editing workstation! I thought I found a good one "Systemax X58 Crossfire"
    But cmcghee358 explained that I can do much better for far less and he proved it.
    So to get some consent from you guys and clarify my intentions:
    First: I don’t want to build because my past experiences. I prefer to find a ready mad gaming rig for $1500 and add on it (good Optical Drive, Raid…..) to convert it to a good editing system.
    So, please check this rig and tell me what I can add or change in it to make it a video editing workstation?
    Second: if this machine "Systemax X58 Crossfire" isn’t worth it and nothing is better out there I don’t mind building my system. Of course I’ll need all the help I can get to make it work!
  10. Aahh I get it now you were saying the prebuilt system is mainly for gaming.

    So about your situation. You "could" just buy that prebuilt system and it will do fine, but no better. You could improve it by replacing already expensive parts with even more expensive parts or in the case of the GPU even cheaper parts. That would obviously a huge waste of money so I can only say DON'T!!

    Prebuilt systems are sometimes although far from always cheaper than buying the identical components yourself. So if you get lucky and find a system which perfectly meets your requirements then maybe I'd say it's an option (IMO building it yourself is always best though because you learn a lot from it and then you appreciate your pc more because you've spent so much time getting it to work, of course opinions may differ.)

    But here let me state which components aren't suited for you:

    psu: no brand need I say more?

    case: ugly and probably POS

    GPU: no CUDA far to overkill and no upgrade path

    RAM: I don't think you need 12gb and that ram is probably slow

    cpu: The only component that is perfect fot you

    HDD: being an HDD it's probably slow and since it's not described it's prabably very slow maybe evben an EARS drive.

    Optical drive: I'm sure it it isn't good but you can buy another one or just not care so this doesn't really matter.

    So I'd go with the build mentioned earlier get a 1tb f3, an ssd, maybe 12gb of RAM if neccesary, a case you like if you don't like the antec, and mouse/kb you like
  11. Thanks somebody_007 and yes, I did some home work and it’s clear by now building is my destiny!!
    So back to cmcghee358 list and help me to revise it a little!!
    First I’ll need at least one more hard drive…In my present system, I’m using two drives, one for read, and one to write, may be in my new system I’ll use RAID 0! Do you have recommendation to which combination will work better! I’m not sure getting solid drive is in my budget!!
    Second- Do you think adding more to the memory to take it from 6GB to 12GB will make a difference?
    Third- Do you think the 700-watt is plenty enough for future need or I go with 850-watt power supply to be in the safe side?
    Forth- Cooling is one of my great concerns and cmcghee358 recommended case is a great one in that regard… I’m going to mount a 120mm fan on the side panel! Hopefully, one day I’ll figure out how to mount water cooling system!!
    Fifth- In addition to the Sony burner, I’ll need another drive may be a Blu Ray drive!
    Finally- I know the debate still open about the value of the GPU in editing but I like the GTX460 for that price! What do you think?
  12. Unfortunately I can't see my build from my work computer, 90% of the internet is blocked for me :/

    But for your build a 700W PSU will be plenty. As for another hard drive. I'd add just another Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB or 1 TB depending on your space needs.

    BluRay drives can be tricky, because the OEM ones don't come with software to play BluRays and Windows 7 doesnt natively support it.

    When I get home in a few hours I'll toss out some more ideas, but my AC isn't working at work, and it's Arizona, so it's like 95+ degrees right now and I don't feel like doing any research in these conditions.
  13. Hi cmcghee358
    I'm in California and I tell you it is 100 around here!
    Thanks for answering all my points.
    I'll wait for more of your ideas and now it's my bed time
  14. As I don't personally use my computer for what you intend, I can't speak confidently enough on the RAM to make a recommendation.

    For the drives like I said before just get 2 of the drives I linked in the build.

    I agree with you, the Fermi 460 supports CUDA and is a robust card at a very reasonable price point. It's one of the few nVidia cards that makes me feel satisfied.

    The Antec 900 Two is the baby brother of the Antec 1200. Which is what I use. It's a lovely beast, if you want more space then I wholeheartedly endorse the 1200. Both have great airflow/cooling. They also have very good hiding places to facilitate good cable management.

    I'll reattack the BluRay drive in the morning, kinda just bleh tonight.
  15. Hi cmcghee358
    The Blu-Ray Burner isn’t essential for the moment. I can wait little bit but sure I’ll need one in the near future.
    Of course, I would like to go with The Antec 1200 but I don’t think I have the space for it…I’ll decide this one later! By the way they have a nice combo the Antec Twelve Hundred Case and 750W PSU for $229.95

    On a side note, California where I live is the home state for Newegg…That mean I’m going to pay almost 10% tax on my purchase. I looked around for alternative but clearly Newegg has all my need and the better prices. So I’m going with them!!
    Finally, thanks for all your help and time.
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  17. I know you are apprehensive about doing your own build, if you have any problems we'll be here to help you. If you need more direct support for your build I can give you my cell number.
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