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Noobish question here guys... are there any advantages at all of using a video card made by the same manufacture of the motherboard you plan to put it in? For example would you see any kind of gains if you put a EVGA GTX 480 into a EVGA Classified 4-way SLI board over say putting the same card into a Asus motherboard? I'm pretty sure the answer is no but I was curious none the less.
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    Most likely there wouldn't be any difference.

    Most video card manufacturers just purchase the reference design (ideally from one manufacturer), and then add their ram and hsf. So most of the time video cards tend to be the same, they may only become different if the video card brand/manufacturer wanted custom ram, higher binned parts, custom PCB.
  2. Yup, i guess there wouldn't be any difference, just like amnotanoobie said above... :)
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