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I'm having a serious problem and don't know what's causing it. My computer (custom built), was running fine last night (and has been for months), until it randomly shut off. Afterwards, I tried restarting it and it switched on for about a second and immediately shut off. I suspected it being the power supply, so I replaced it with another one which still did not work, so it can't be the power supply.

Now the weird thing is, every time I want to start the computer up I have to switch between wall sockets for it to respond (but still shuts off after a second). For example, after trying to restart and having it shut off again as usual, I try restarting again with the computer plugged into the same wall socket, and this time, it doesn't respond at all and just stays shut. I then switch the plug to another wall socket, and it turns on and shuts off after a second as usual, but again is unresponsive when I try hitting the power button again on the same socket.

Also, after a few attempts of restarting, I also smell some thing burning within the system. :pfff: It was always working fine, I don't know what happened.

I would greatly appreciate some help from you guys.

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  1. This is a good guide on boot issues. Check everything on this list one at a time and double-check everything is connected correctly. [...] o-problems

    It may also be worth testing your memory. To test faulty RAM try using only one stick at a time and try each stick in each and every slot on the motherboard. This will rule out either bad memory or a faulty motherboard.

    Failing that, try removing all non-essential components and replacing each one by one to locate the faulty component. This includes everything except your motherboard, CPU and RAM.

    Let us know when you have done all of the above and we'll go from there. Good luck!
  2. Ok, I'll try them out. Thanks.
  3. If that doesn't work, you might want to make sure your processor fan is mounted correctly. If it is not, the computer will turn off almost immediately.

    Same problem drove me crazy during my first build.
  4. Ok, I tried the stuff in the link. Still no luck. So I know it's not my power supply, case, RAM, or any other peripherals attached to the mother board. I tested all of those.

    But, I tried adjusting the processor cooling unit, and it started up just fine, w/o shutting down (note: I use a liquid cooling system for my processor). I booted into my OS without a problem, and everything seemed to work. I shut the computer down asap because I had the pump for my cooling system disconnected, therefore the processor was getting hot. Anyways, I reconnected my pump, cleaned everything up as I thought my computer was working now.

    BUT now I try to turn it on again... this time, I hit the power button and the power led light just blinks and the computer doesn't even turn on for a second. And again, to get any kind of response (light blink) from my computer, I have to switch between the power outlets every time.

    I am clueless right now.

    jsphdickens, I just ordered some Arctic Silver paste to see if it may be the processor cooling unit not in full contact with the processor. Thanks for the advice. But again, what's weird is I have to switch wall outlets to get a response from my computer - what could that mean?

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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