Replace my CRT 16" with LCD 19"

i wanted some advice about getting this LCD monitor i saw which is really cheap and i want to get rid of my old crappy Hitachi CM615.
i dont really care if there are better monitors available just something that is good enough.
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  1. Well, you're comparing two different things, LCD and old CRT, of course LCD is the winner here... :)
    I guess it's okay, it's a very cheap LCD you got there.
  2. I would suggest getting a 23 inch LCD HannsG or HannsFree which is cheap with 1080p HDMI :)
  3. I would suggest a 22" 1680x 1050 just becuase it should be in the same price range as that 19". Anything over that will cause lag unless you have a decent video card.
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