WIndows XP unable to boot

I have a PC with Windows Xp loaded in it. It is used by our Finance & Accounts fellow. The XP in it is unable to boot. I tried booting linux from USB but it won't boot from the USB also. The data in the hard disk is critical.

I have changed the boot order also. Also tried booting the OS in USB after removing the data and power cable connected to the hard disk.

Can anyone please provide some solution.

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  1. So it will post, but not boot?
  2. Yes, it would post but not boot. The initial windows loading screen is the only thing visible thereafter it would restart.
  3. You could try an Linux boot CD. At least you could recover your data. Otherwise, boot with the XP cd and try a repair.
  4. I tried that too. It would still reboot while loading XP.
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