Cannot get a native 1680x1050 resolution?

westinghouse lcm 22w3 monitor
my native resolution worked fine on my old comp. got a new comp, with windows 7 64bit.
and wont display my native resolution. pretty much all resolutions except mine...and some very close to the correct one. only goes up to 1600x1200 (what im using right now)

how do i get the right resolution?
i have an ati radeon hd 4250 integrated graphics card.

its bugging me SOOO bad how im so close to the right resolution, but everything is off ever so slightly. the person i bought the computer from was telling me how i might get the correct resolution if i switch from my current vga cable, to a dvi cable. he said id get my native resolution, and it'd look better.

if there are any drivers i do need to update.. i dont know what ones they are, or where to get them. im used to having xp..this is my first night of having windows 7, and im unfamiliar with every single this on this computer.. so bare with me.

edit: id like to add that after i right click and go to screen resolution, and click update driver, it says its up to date. also, the "display" is being read as "generic non pnp monitor" which is odd, because my monitor IS a pnp.
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  1. What is your mobo?
  2. amd athlon II x4 635 processor 2.8ghz
    4 gigs ram
    64 bit operating system.

    is that what you needed?
  3. Motherboard that the integrated graphics are on, so we can locate the correct driver.
  4. or wait, is this my MB? m4a88t-m le
  5. Try to update your drivers from here, that's the one u have, right?
  6. okay. now, what one do i pick?

    Qualified Vendor List (2)
    BIOS (5)
    BIOS-Utilities (1)
    Chipset (1)
    AUDIO (1)
    VGA (1)
    LAN (1)
    Utilities (11)
    Others (1)
    Manual (5)
  7. BTW, whats your resolution now?
  8. my resoltuon right now is 1600x1200 (also its the highest option available)
  9. yes it is. im downloading the vga install right now, by the way
  10. Hope it helps. But first uninstall the old one, if there is any.
  11. where would i go about doing that
  12. Go to Device manager >>> Display adapters
  13. its saying my drivers are all up to date
  14. Did u removed the driver? It needs to be installed again.
  15. Re-installing the drivers can fix lots of problems, especially video drivers and printers : )
  16. im just scared if i uninstall it, ill ruin it or worry i got the wrong driver. if im re installing my mobo driver, why am i going to the display adapter and uninstalling my ati driver?
  17. There is a generic driver in the windows. It is a common thing. Make sure its downloaded in the PC, so u can install after restart.
  18. alexkeebler it safe to do it : )
  19. i did what you said. the display written for my monitor said "default" instead of "generic non pnp monitor"
    and also i got higher resolutions, however they were all out of range. and also, when i dragged folders they were laggy. i put in my mobo driver disc, and put in my other drive and im back to step 1 again
  20. Can u check if your refresh rate is correct for your monitor. Did u do anything with the refresh rate?
  21. my rate is 60hz, which is what its supposed to be at
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