Strange issue with sound - becomes muffled until maxing speaker volume


Have a strange issue. When I start starcraft 2 (only game I have so far), my titanium fatality x-fi gives sound normally, but then after a bit of time, the sound becomes muffled. It stays like this, until I max the speaker volume and a loud sound is instigated in the game (ie. click on a unit-- the unit anknowledgement sound is louder than the normal background sound/music)...

Then the sound comes back normally, until a few minutes later and it happens again...

Any ideas?

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  1. Anyone?


    ps: this occurs even with mp3 playback, youtube, etc.

    basically any audio. it sounds semi muffled/muted, but then crank volume and it suddenly comes back again (then lower volume back to desired level), and it happens again a few min later.
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