Add SSD for os without fresh install of data.

I just bought an SSD that I want to put the OS and program files on, I currently have two 1 1/2 Tb HDD\'s set up in Raid 0, is there any way to migrate the os and program files to the SSD without wiping the hdd\'s I have and copying them from a backup? I really don\'t have space to back the hdd\'s up. Can I shrink the partition size of one (or both) of the hdd\'s and back up the data there? Thanks for the help.
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  1. From what I am reading, you have TWO 1.5TB HHDs in RAID 0 meaning you have a combined capacity of 3TB (the two in RAID 0 appearing as ONE unit) and this is where you have the OS, Apps, data etc, RIGHT? In this case, MIGRATION of an OS and Apps on RAID 0 setup onto an SSD is IMPOSSBILE.

    But I think there is a way you can migrate your OS and Apps, BUT you will be required to BUY: (1) another identical SSD; (2) a backup storage media to store your files and OS RAID Image - backup device should be a 3TB HDD. I am assuming you are using Windows 7.

    The other alternative is you RE-INSTALL the OS and Apps onto the SSD. But before re-installing and breaking up the RAID 0, you STILL need/have to backup your data off the RAID configuration to another storage device; so, this alternative option still requires you get the 3TB HDD.
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