Will ssd prices go down for sure ?

i'm saving money for buying an 128gig ssd for my boot drive and install a game i'm currently playing ii chose Intel® SSD 330 Series SATA3 128gb ssd..should i buy it now or i should wait for some time for the ssd prices to go down..pls note that i'm ready to wait since i'm feeling good with my mechanical hdd
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  1. If you like your HDD then why get an SSD?
  2. i need a higher performance but i also need to save some money..
  3. I would wait for a few months if I where you the prices will drop maybe this year but probably next year.

    For now your best best would be to stick with your HDD and install your game on that.

    Some programs dont get along very well with SSD's so possibly wipe your HDD and install a fresh OS on the SSD when they become cheaper and then use that as your boot drive and the HDD as your files and program drive.
  4. something to read........ also read about some man's. cutting back on production...............

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