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Hi :)! well i need help here, i just recently purchased the Western Digital 1 TB WD Blue

and i noticed until i received it that it does not comes with cables, and im like new in the building computers stuff and i do not know what cables do i need, so if u can help me i will appreciate it a lot, here is my mother board:

also, just an additional question, do you know how many hardrives my motherboard support? thank you a lot !
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    Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Your Motherboard has SATA connections for 4 drives, as shown in this diagram of your MB.

    You will need a SATA data connector, usually 18" long, but there are 8", 12" 36". Buy on with straight connectors on the ends, and the clips to hold them in place. Like the connector end in the diagram.

    You wil also need a SATA power connector from your power supply, to connect to the new HDD. It will look like the diagram

    With the power off, install the HDD in one of the case slots, connect the SATA 7 pin data connector to SATA_2 on your MB and the other end to the HDD, and finally connect the 15 pin power connector to the back of the drive.

    There are angled notches on one side of the data and power connectors so you don't connect them backwards.

    Turn it on, boot it up, and you should have the new drive ready to be Initialized, Partitioned, and NTFS file system installed on it (in Disk Management)
    Then it will be ready to use.
  2. the only two thing i ad is if your mb does not have a sata power there are 4 pin molex to sata. also look in your case to see if the vendor left you a set of hard drive rails. some cases need rails to mount hard drives. other cases you use 4 6-32 screws to hold the hard drive into the bay. just dont mount both drives with no air spaces between them.
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  4. Thank you so much, i did every step you said and is working 100% !! Thank You!
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