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:bounce: Hey all, This will be my first post on these forums. I am building a new system in the next week and have spent the last month trying to catch up on all the new tech as I haven't built a system in about a decade or so. Based on all the benchmarks, news articles and general opinions, I think I have my final list of parts and the last step is, ofcourse, to run it by the experts and make sure I'm not making any mistakes.

I plan on overclocking, but nothing extreme, maybe 3.6 - 3.8ghz. I plan on aircooling my system hence my case choice, and I feel that air cooling, unless you go to an absolute extreme, can be just as good as water without the heavy pricetag.

I'll use the computer mostly for gaming and internet surfing, but I do quite a bit of goofing off in photoshop, and video editing aswell.

Budget = flexible. I dont have a set budget, but am constantly looking for best value. I am also always willing to pay a little more for quality, or if it looks really cool :D

Case = CM Haf X (I actually just bought this last week, for $200 CAD at a local Tech store, cheaper then what Newegg has listed)

CPU = i7 930

MoBo = Asus P6X58D-E (combo deal when combined with i7 930 cpu)

PSU = Corsair tx750w

GPU = Radeon HD 5850

Memory = Corsair Dominator 6GB

HDD = Samsung Spinpoint F3

Drives = Lite-On DvD Combo drive

CPU Cooler = Prolimatech Megahalem

Fans = 2 x
1 x

Monitor = Asus 23" Widescren ;2ms; 1080p

I think that about does it. The CPU Cooler, though is a tad of the expensive side, I think would look really sick in my case, what with the design on the top looking like something from Transformers, plus it is a great cooler. Red LED lights to light up the inside and have something nice to look at.

Was never sure about the memory though. Dominator is a very good stick, but is there something cheaper that is just as good? The G.skillz Ripjaw seemed to be pretty good, but again if the dominator is worth the extra change, I dont mind shelling out.

Also a major factor into my build was how upgradeable everything is. If future programs start to utilize multicores better, then I'll be able to upgrade to a 6-core using the same MoBO, right?

I also plan on crossfiring my GPU with another 5850, but dont really see the need to spend the premium now. When the price drops drastically then I'll pick up a second and be right back ahead of the curve.

Ulitmatly, how does everything look? I want this system to last a long time, making minor upgrades over a few years while still remaining a competative machine. Please let me know what you think, and thanks. :hello:
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  1. I'm not so great with X58 mobos, but I think that one's good.

    The Corsair RAM you listed is very expensive. These G.Skill Ripjaws are rated to run just as fast:

    For the CPU Cooler, you could get a cheaper one if you want. That sort of cooling power is only really beneficial for high-end o'cing. Cooler Master Hyper 212+ (from amazon, it's very overpriced on Newegg - hope you don't mind the shipping......)

    If you're looking for extra gaming performance then you could look at a 5870 or 470gtx. The 5850 should be fine if you're not playing the most taxing games. List a few of the most taxing things you're planning to play.

    Cooler Master fans are ok, but they're not great. Try looking at some of the Scythe fans (I think that's how you spell it).

    Other stuff looks good. All the best with the build :)

    Ed: Sorry, you're in canada.. New links here. I'm not sure where to get the Hyper 212+ at a decent price in Canada, so mb just keep your nice cooling ;)
  2. Yeah, I've heard alot of good things about G.skill memory so I'll probably switch over. I can still OC the g.skill just as good as the Dominator correct?
    The hyper 212+ is about the same price as the megahalem in Canada which is why I went with my choice, but I may be forced to make a new decision since the Megahalem is becoming impossible to get here. I don't know why, but one site after another is making prolimatech products unavailable. If anyone knows of a store that still has them, in canada, be sure to let me know please. Otherwise it looks like I need to make a new choice. I was thinking of the Tuniq Tower extreme which since it comes with a fan, is about the same price as the Megahalem. Any thoughts?
    Yeah, I'll switch the fans, I didn't really look into it too much i just grabbed some that I thought would make my case look good as well as improve air flow =P
    Thanks for the feedback!
  3. In terms of overclocking performance, they should both be able to do a bit, but neither's brilliant. If you're looking for a bigger OC look at these (if there's enough room in your case since the heatspreaders are much bigger)
    The final result after overclocking isn't worth spending the extra money on the more expensive modules imo, but overclocking is fun so your choice ;)

    Sorry, not sure about other good Canadian sites other than newegg and ncix.
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