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I have an IBM Think Center M51 (8143-2EU Model), which has a 300 watt power supply in it (stock). Up until couple of months the on-board Intel 915 has been used, but now I would like to upgrade it to it's limit.

I understand that this system can be upgraded to a certain point, the CPU could be upgraded to an Intel Pentium 4 630 HT (not sure about that tho) and a PCI-E video card could be placed into the system. At the moment I have a GeFroce 7800 GTX sitting inside (the extra power cable, is not connected to the video card, I'm afraid that if I do so, it will kill the power supply unit).

These are my questions :
1) Could the power supply that sits in there support the video card if I connect the power cable to it?
2) Could it be possible to upgrade the CPU on the this system (To 630 HT)?
3) If the answer to question number one is "NO", than what power supply could I place into that system
(with a maximum number of amps on the +12V)?

Thank you for taking the time to read the post (and answer :) )
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