A few problems post SSD-installation. (Vertex 4)

I recently installed a new OCZ Vertex 4 in my old machine (I plan on building a new computer part by part).I've never done this before, so I pretty much hooked it up in one of the drive bays, then formatted the drive and threw a copy of Win7 on it.

However, the Read/Write speeds are significantly slower than expected. I knew I wasn't going to get the full potential out of it, because I only have a Sata 300MBps cable, but I'm getting much slower speeds than that, even.

Here are some benchmarks:

Some things I should bring to light:

-CMOS won't 'really' recognize this drive. It doesn't give it a name or any settings, it just lists that it has 256GB. My bios is phoenix, it came with my dell xps 630 in 2008.
-CrystalDiskInfo wont recognize it either.
-CrystalDiskMark will.
-Windows 7 DOES recognize it, in fact I'm on it right now, and was able to perform the test from it.
- I DO have the latest version of the OCZ firmware.

I REALLY need help because I have no idea what to do next. If you need any more information just let me know and I'll provide it as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    The problem is the MB NVIDIA® nForce 650i SLI, because it don't support intel or MSFT AHCI. Also there is only SATA II ports on the MB. The 3rd party drivers don't has the better performance too. So you only get the low score and you only can get the better performance from SSD then you have to buy the new PC.
  2. Sorry, but that is very confusing to understand ^^^^

    What you need to do is update the BIOS to the latest version and hope the motherboard recognizes the SSD after that, if it doesn't, then you likely need a new motherboard

    Once you update the BIOS you need to change the controller to AHCI in the BIOS
  3. You can update the MB's BIOS, but NVIDIA MB has their own SATA drivers, you can't use intel or MSFT SATA drivers. You can only use the SCSI like the OP.
  4. Thank you everyone, I updated the BIOS and the drive still wasn't recognized, I can still use Windows with it, and it's faster than my hard disk drive, but I think I'm going to be looking for a new computer in the next few months instead of in the ~8 months I had originally planned.

    I'm sad to see this thing go, it had a good run. Even now it's playing Borderlands 2 in the highest quality details with no lag.

    However, this is only one of many problems based on the old hardware/software.

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