Acbel ipower 660, i7 and hd 5870, is it underpowered?

Recently I read on hardwaresecrets that an acbel ipower 660 can't provide more than 350 watts in a working environment of 45 degrees celsius. And then I realized that's the power supply that the computer shop sold to me! I've been using it for two months now and it dawned on me, what if my computer suddenly goes kapoot and then the computer shop won't take any of the blame?
Is the ipower 660 still safe for my i7 and 5870?
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  1. I would have thought that a system with a 5870 under full load would be approaching 350 watts. So I think you would be wise to invest in another PSU.

    The Corsair TX is a good PSU, but a bit overkill for one 5870. If a good 550 watts PSU could be found for a good price, then that would be ideal. Altho easier said than done.
    If you don't mind the short (2 yr) warranty, then the ~$20 dollar saving doesn't deprive you of much: Rosewill Green Series RG630-S12 630W $60 ($2 shipping). Usually it is recommended to steer clear of Rosewill, but this one received a very positive review from hardwaresecrets: So I think it's worth considering.
  2. @Silvune - if a 5870 would just approach the 350 watts then it would be okay to use the power supply right? Wait, is the i7 included in the 350 watts?
    @mortonww - Yes. I found one, you're link gave it to me. But if you're referring to the computer shop... No, they don't have one.
  3. Yes I was talking about the whole system. Ideally you would want about 30-40% headroom, so that the PSU isn't under an undue amount of strain, which might(will) cause the PSU to run hotter, noisier and reduce the life of the unit. So a 550W PSU would only be ~63% with a system with a 5870 under maximum load.

    I suppose you could save ~$10 getting the Corsair 550VX. If you wanted enough juice for a second 5870, then a good 750W PSU is ideal, even with an OC on the CPU.
  4. @Silvune so you mean a psu that is used below it's rated power supply will have a much longer lifespan? I was considering buying a Corsair HX 750. According to what you said, having a headroom would lengthen the lifespan of the psu assuming a second 5870 and an OCed i7 plus a high-powered cooler is already included, so that would be good right? Or is it still okay to keep my current power supply (the acbel ipower)? And did you own one?
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    Yes, altho I think the way you said it is a bit backwards. As heat is bad for electrical components, so anything electrical that runs in a hot environment wouldn't last as long as it could do if it ran in a cooler environment.

    The Corsair HX 750 is a very good PSU. You could get any of these that are all very high quality and at least a bit cheaper, even after the rebate on the HX:
    XFX Black Edition P1-750B-CAG9 750W 80Plus Silver $120 ($2 shipping, $20 rebate)
    Seasonic S12D 850W 80Plus Silver $120 ($5 shipping) (not modular)
    SILVERSTONE ST75F-P 750W 80Plus Silver $123 ($6 shipping)
    Antec TruePower New TP-750 80Plus Bronze $110 ($2 shipping)
    Antec TruePower New TP-750 Blue 80Plus Bronze $110 ($6 shipping, $25 rebate)
    Thermaltake Toughpower XT TPX-775M 80Plus Bronze $130 ($2 shipping, $30 rebate)

    I think you'd be taking a risk running your system on that PSU, especially if it's mounted in the top of your case. Where it is much more likely to be drawing in hot air from the rest of the system.

    And no I have not owned an Acbel power supply.
  6. Thanks Silvune. I'll definitely check them out. Although I don't have a credit card so I'll just buy at a local comp store and compare the prices to what you recommended. And what part of what I said is backwards?
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