Which card?

Hi all. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU which would therefore require me to get a more powerful PSU. My PC is used for FPS gaming and RTS games.

I was thinking of buying a 450W Corsair and 1 of the following:
XFX 512MB 5750 @ £92.32
PowerColor 1GB 4850 @ £85.78

Is it difficult to install a GPU and PSU when it is your first time? The only thing I have ever installed in a PC is RAM. Which card would you choose and why?
Is the PSU enough to run with:
AMD Phenom 9650 2.30GHz
4.00GB RAM
Windows 7 64-bit
1 586GB HDD
Foxconn A7GMX-S motherboard (or something similar)?

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
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  1. Save money by buying a 450W Rosewil, or cheaper brand, and go with an HD5770 for E110.

    As for installation, it's really simply. With a power supply, you have to make sure you don't bend or break any plugs as you pull them out or in. Also make sure that you're grounded, and wear an anti-static wristband if you're paranoid. The video card is easier, don't force it in (you'll have to use some force..just don't jam it in), and it'll slide into place.
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