Which 120GB SSD to buy?

I'm looking for an SSD to house my boot files and a few extra files.

My budget is maximum £100, and I'm looking for a capacity of 120GB.

I'm not terribly concerned about speeds as I'm sure every SSD is faster than it's HDD counter-part.

But I am very wary about their life-spans, I want an SSD which will last at most 2 years before an upgrade.

My current choices are between:

- Intel 330 series SSD
- Intel 520 series SSD
- Kingston HyperX 3K SSD

A question I have is what are the differences between Intel's 330 series and Intel's 520 series, is it speed? or reliability? - is it worth the additional £20.00?

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  1. Don't forget Samsung, their SSD's appear to be pretty reliable as well, and the 128/120GB model is comparably priced with the Intel 520.

    330 vs 520
    Some speed increases, and an extra 2 years on the warranty.

    I'm currently debating this very thing myself, though I'm also considering using one for SRT...as what I would need to hold my OS and my Steam library would be rather expensive, and with reliability still being questionable, I am not going to invest that much in it.

    I just missed a Newegg sale on the 120gb Kingston HyperX 3K for $60(roughly £37)...because I hesitated and they sold out.
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