Supported graphics for intel d945

Can Intel d945 motherboard support Ge Force gt 430 and Ge force 9500 gt?
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  1. If the motherboard has the required slot (pci express or AGP) for the video card, then sure it can support any video card out there.. Just make sure you have a PSU which is capable enough to drive the card..
  2. please give us the motherboard number....
  3. hi,
    Do u mean the model no? the model is D945GCNL
  4. Is this the board you have -

    Take a look at the specifications.. DDR2 667 is supported..
  5. yes tats the motherboard will it support any of the two graphics card???
  6. Hey sorry for the DDR2 comment earlier.. That motherboard does feature a pci express X16 slot.. So any video card that requires a pci express slot will work provided you have the adequate PSU..
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