Any Advise on this system

I currently had a system built with the following stats and need to know if there is anything i should consider adding to it before calling it a day for a couple years:

Asus Crosshair III (republic of Gamers)
AMD Phenom II x 4 965 Black Edition 3.40 GHZ 4000 MHZ AM3 4 x 512
ASUS EAH5970/G/2DIS/2GD5 Radeon HD 5970 Dual GPU 2gb GDDR5
OCZ Z Series Gold OCZZ1000M 1000w ATX 12v 2.3/EPS12v 2.91 SLI certified CrossFire Ready 80 plus Gold certified modular active PFC power supply,,
Corsair SSD 128 g
4gig Dominator/w fans ram 16000 DDR3
Antec case 900
Win 7 Ulta 64bit
plus dvd drives and the usual addonns..

Video Card is Runnin @ appx: 120 degrees F* with load... all else runs cool..
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  1. Add another HD5970 and call it a day for 4 years.
  2. Very nice, another 5970 and a good overclock on that 965 would make it even nicer.
  3. wow, you already have a great system there... :)

    120'C full load? I think that's too high...
  4. 120degress Fahrenheit.
  5. Oh...
    I guess I've missed that one... :)
    thanks, shadow...
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