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I bought the B/WW version of the Samsung SSD 830 series for my brand new computer that I'm going to build, and I was wondering if I could install it in my new desktop without the installation package that comes with the D/AM version. The D/AM version contains Norton Ghost, SATA cable, SATA power cable, brackets, and screws. Do I need to get the kit to install the SSD and get full performance? I'm going to be installing it in the CM HAF 912 case if that helps.

EDIT: I'm buying an ASUS P8Z77 motherboard that comes with 2 (looks like) SATA cables. I heard that it is better to use the bracket and the screws that come with the SSD. Any opinions?
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  1. I just bought the same drive and also bought

    "OCZ 3.5/2.5 inch SSD Adaptor Bracket"

    with it for little money and it does just what it's supposed to do. also: you will need a sata cable for every HDD/SSD and also other drives like your DVD/BluRay (if you got one of those). They cost close to nothing .

    So in short: you can install it with the starter package (which is what I think B/WW means?) but you'll need a tray for the drive (SDDs are TINY).
  2. There is no performance difference, just get bracket for mounting. You only need it for transportation. I used my first SSD without anything, was just attached to the cables, laying below the hdds, where i couldn't move a lot.
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