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I've just recently hooked up my laptop to my 42 inch samsung flat screen using DVI to HDMI. I can only get the image to show at around 2 3rds of the tv screen size, the video card settings are set to maximum resolution on my laptop so am guessing my graphics card cannot dislay the image any larger.

what video card should i get so i can display my laptop image at the 42 inch resoltion?

im using an advent 7111 with the built in video card and would prefer an internal laptop card to an external usb based one
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  1. Sometimes, Windows does not recognize the resolution of an LCD TV, and can give some funky image results.

    You could try going into windows control panel, and try unchecking the box (advanced settings in screen resolution) that says "Hide modes that display cannot use".

    Before I did this, my computer would limit my display to 1600x1200, and didn't even offer a 16:9 resolution on my 42" 1080p Sharp Aquos.
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