hi, i was looking at the coolermaster haf 922 as it has good airflow and good cable management, but i can get a gigabyte sumo 4192 and a gigabyte cupio 6140 for cheaper as i can get it from a friend who just bought the two cases but is moving to australia and is willing to sell 1 of them to me, what should i go for? what is a better case? i know the sumo 4192 is listed for $126, and i can get it for $80 and its still in its box and hasnt been used, the same with the cupio
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  1. the haf922 has great airflow, i donno about the rest but that doesn't mean they suck.
    from my experience with cases i suggest to go with what your heart tells you.

    the case you chose is the case that'll hold your beloved system and you'll be working with for a long time... if u like it... u can tolerate some minor manufacturing defects. After all, no case is perfect.

    just read a lot of reviews and revise your budget.
    If you need the money, go for the 2nd hand, else get a new one, it's nice to get high over the smell of new hardware XP
  2. the other cases have not been used, they are still in the box they came in and they have not been opened
  3. After looking at the review, the Sumo is a pretty average case. Wont advise on getting that. You are better off with the CM 690 II Advanced of the HAF922 which are better than that.

    Some options would be:
    CM 690 II
    HAF 922.
    Antec 900.
    Lian Li PC60-FNW
    Antec P183
    or Thermaltake Armor.
  4. I don't see thorough reviews ATM

    if you are in a hurry, think about how many HDD you'll use in the future.
    The size and weight of the case is important if you plan to move it a lot.
    Space inside the case for the mobo and wire management if you need them.
    Illumination in the dark, depends on your preference.

    If you are only aiming for airflow, i say go for the HAF922 is well built and has good airflow, even if it's a mid-tower case.

    these reviews might help:

    I really can't find thorough information about the Gigabyte cases but Gigabyte is specialized in mobos.
    CoolerMaster are specialized in cases, so my suggestions is, go with the HAF922.

    If you are able to find a thorough review of the Gigabyte cases, compare their results to the HAF922 and then pick one.
    Good luck ^_^/
  5. A lot depends on the main purpose of your computer. If it's a gaming computer, get the HAF. You will probably need the extra cooling.

    If it's a general purpose computer, case selection becomes less important.
  6. Here's are review of Sumo:

    Cupio is alittle bit better in review. But not sure how good it is.
  7. How about a Xigmatek Midgard, just bought one and after fitting an extra 4 x 120mm, this things is cooling monster and cheap.
  8. How cheap is cheap? what is he selling the other cases for? Is this for a new build or are you upgrading your case? If so, then what was your old case?
  9. new case, i have some cheap rubbish case
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