Monitor going into power save mode with new graphics card(DVI port)


Monitor going into power save mode with new graphics card(DVI port)

System specification
System ram- 3gb
processor- amd athlon 64 bit
motherboard is "Gigabyte M61VME-S2"
NVIDIA Geforce 6100 inbuilt chipset
Monitor is having VGA port only
In Bios, primary card selected is PEG

I have purchased powercolor PCS HD 4670 1GB card which has PCIE interface and 2 dual link DVI-I ports.

whenever i connnect monitor to graphics card on DVI port through DVI-to VGA adaptor then monitor goes into power save mode.Boot/reboot whatever i do, monitor remains in power save mode.

Earlier i had ati radeon x600 series card which also fits in PCIE slot with 1 vga and 1 DVI port. there seem to be some fault in graphics card hardware becoz of which it is not producing graphics on screen properly but still it produces and displays some output on moinitor if i connect to vga port of card (it is not going into power save mode). But when i connect a DVI-to VGA adaptor to DVI port of this card then again same result i.e. then monitor goes into power save mode.

I am in dobut that what is wrong
a) my PCS graphics card ? Graphics card fan is working if i connect it but not sure if system detects it or not as monitor not showing any display.
b) my motherboard is not supporting the new card ? but on other card also which is working still have same issue ?
c) Is DVI to VGA converter causing issue? It is an 24 pin and 1 horizontal pin.I think its DVI-D to VGA converter. Is it causing issue ?then which connector I
have to get DVI-I to VGA will address issue ?
d) If i have to buy and monitor with DVI port then this problem will appear again ?I mean will it get fit in DVI monitor or still there can be issues like currently the one I am facing.

I have not got any adaptor with the card so purchased one DVI to VGA conerter(at that time I was not much aware of DVI-I, DVI-D etc)

Please help out.
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