Mod an Internal PSU to run as a Second PSU to pwer a GPU


I have Dell 670 system and I recently bought a Nivida 9800 GX2 which need a 1 8 pin and a 1 6 pins for power but the OEm PSU that come with the computer only Has 1 6 pin and even with a molex to 8 it my not be able to run the card

now i know there are some external PSU and even PSU boosters for SLI but they are expansive and I Oldy got a hold of some 550w Internal PSU
and i want to fidn a way to mod one so it can be powered on and FEEd my GPU with power with out connecting that PSU to a mother power to power it on. i know there must be a way to jump some wires in the PCU to make it work
i just dont know which one are they ...

i know this idea seams crazy but its the only way i can power this card til i can afford to buy a booster as I cant afford 70~ + shipping internationally for it which will cost alot

so does any one know how to do that trick ?
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  1. This question comes up frequently. None of us regulars recommend it.

    But here's a previous thread:
    Using two cheap PSU's:

    You need to buy or make something like this:

    Or google "dual psu adapter cable".

    Or my choice, simply buy a good 550 - 600 watt PSU.
  2. my plan is to use the 2x 6 pins from teh second psu and hoke them up to a 2 6 pins to 1 8 pins converter so its gonna be safe the second PSU wont be connected to anythings else but i just dont knwo how to make that PSu running
  3. Have a look online for 20+4pin wiring guide, off the top of my head its grey or green wire that jumps the psu,
    having said that I reiterate Jsc's advice, and if possible go one further,
    Guy called randomacts I think it was had a similar post on here not long back, he (against advice) hooked up a second psu to power gfx cards, using stereo wire to jump the second psu,
    if I recall correctly the pc lasted 2 days before opting out of existance quite spectacularly,
    ^Bump buying bigger psu, you already invested hard earned into the system, dont blow it by skimping here, you could also end up dead or homeless.
  4. the problem is that dell system doesn't use stander PSU
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