Recycling parts for a new gaming rig: Good idea or asking for trouble?

Wow, title fit exactly. That's cool. Anyway, long time reader, first time poster.

Anyway, on to the point, with SC2 coming out, I've realized that my 8 year old P4 AGPx8 system is completely obsolete, and have started looking to build a new system.

That said, I do not have a huge amount of disposable income, so I'm hoping to be able to re-use parts from my current computer in order to decrease the cost of my new one. These are the parts:

Case: No briner, really. It's a Mid-tower that has never had trouble with ventilation as long as it's not clogged with dust. It's Power button doesn't work anymore, but I just moved that cable to the reset button below it and it's worked fine.

Optical drive: It's a Sony DVD-RW. The drive gets stuck, but it still works well. Still, optical drives are only 20 bucks or so, so I may just toss this one.

Hard drive: I'm planning on saving a WD 320g that I bought as an external but broke the casing and put into the system. It's shown no errors, and I can always add more later.

Power supply: This is the real question. It's an Antec True Power Trio TP3-430 430W. It's by far the newest part of my system (No more then a year old or so.) which I bought to replace an old one 400W Antec with a broken fan that made way too much noise. I've seen SOME reviews that say this might fail, and my system HAS crashed once or twice (I just turned it back on and it was fine though, and the Mobo is 8 years old, so its not the leading culprit.) Still, I've heard horror stories of them bricking and taking an entire system out with it, and that would be a HORRIBLE waste of money.

Also, would 430W be enough for a moderate gaming system? I'm not going overboard, something similar to this site's 550 build. A single GPU with 3-4 core processor. I don't OC much either, not trusting myself to try raising Voltage.
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  1. I assume you mean the budget AMD build list on Recommended Builds by Usage. According to that part list and substituting what you have in place of theirs, Newegg suggests a PSU between 330W-360W, so your PSU should do the job; Antec makes quality power supplies. If you're still worried about it, go ahead and pick up a new PSU.
  2. If thats an IDE DVDRW consider hitting a SATA one
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    At most, replace the psu and the DVD-ROM; keep everything else until you are ready for further upgrades.

    While 430W may be enough, a newer psu isn't going to hurt and will not limit future upgrade. If the Sony ROM is good but you don't mind picking up another, then suggest picking another ROM and having it as the primary with the Sony as a second.
  4. Alright, thanks for the advise everyone.

    I just need to ask... Should I be worried about the Amps on it? I'm reading around, and seeing people saying that you need at least around 20-30 amps for a video card, but this only has 16 amps on the 12 volt line. Am I misreading something?
  5. Your Antec has triple rails and effectively has 32A on the 12V
  6. The TP3's (at least my 550 and 650 watt TP3's) are not triple rail PSU's.

    They may advertise it, but it's not true.

    Still good PSU's though.
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