Desktop won't recognize any monitor


i have a hp desktop computer that i bought from best buy a while ago and now all of a sudden it won't recognize the monitor when its pulged in i brought it back to best buy and they hooked it up and it work fine for them so i took it back home and tried it again with no luck so i tried switching the cords no luck tried 3 different monitors and none worked and they all work on my other desktop.

all monitors say no input detected

AMD X4 9750
8gb ram
750gb HDD
Nvida Geforce 9100 intergated GPU

asus 24" 1080p
hp 21" HD
insigna 19" 720p (TV)
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  1. have you tried to boot into Safe Mode?
  2. i can't because i can not see anything nothing comes on the screen when i boot it up the monitor just says no input detected i can't access safemode or bios etc
  3. Does it POST?

    Does the onboard GPU work when you take out the Video Card?

    If it does not, start by taking out all RAM and see if it POSTs at all.
  4. Have you tried an old crt or old lcd? When i bought my new one I had a similar problem. Grabbed my old Dell CRT and she was off and running once i installed the drivers.
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