Crossfire HD4850 or Single HD5770

Hey everyone, I currently have a single Radeon 1GB 4850 graphics card and was wondering what type of improvement in fps I would get from getting a second one to run in crossfire mode. They cost about $130 or so now.

How would this compare to buying a Radeon 1GB HD5770? I know this card has directx11 support, but is it worth buying it for $160 over crossfiring my 4850? Which would give me higher fps?

One last question, if I were to crossfire, would I need to buy the exact same manufacturer/model of the graphics card?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Same question was asked here awhile back:

    Some people say to get the 5770, while others will say xfire the 4850 now and wait for prices to drop and get a higher single card solution. It's really up to you. I had a 5770 and decided to xfire it recently and I love it. I think I'm set for a good while anyways.
  2. dx11 support is limited to the few number of games that support and utilize it, If you can get the 4850 at a decent price, i would go for it, the 5770 might be a decent card, but not as good as 2 x 4850's.

    Another posibility is if you consider the 5770, what are the chances you will add another one in the future...

    I vote 2nd 4850, it will be more powerful.

    Check the below link, 4850 x 2 is 2 notches better than the 5770.,2621-6.html
  3. Thanks! Both of those links answered my question :D
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