Dual core 2.7

hello tom
\i recently bought a DUAL CORE 2.7 ghz but when i right click on my computer its says
intel R pentium R CPU E5400 2.7ghz
I think it should show intel R pentium R DUAL CPU E5400 2.7ghz,
AM i right tom?
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  1. No. The E5400 is the model number. Here it is:

    As you can see, it is a dual core. Intel does not include the number of cores in their actual model number.

    Dual core is not part of the name of the processor. The Athlon II x2 260 is a dual core but you never see "Athlon II x2 260 dual core" do you?

    Dual core is just a technology. It would be like putting "x86" after the CPU name. Or "2mb of L2 cache"
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