Which card is overall better?

I always wondered about this but out of these cards which is a better overall card? I know both have T&L feature so I just wanted to see which is over all better card. Please don't compair them to a newer card that's out today or say both are bad since back around year 2001 these were not that bad.

GeForce2 MX 400 PCI 64mb DDR

ATI Radeon 7200 PCI 32mb DDR
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  1. I would say the MX-400 is about 10% faster than the 7200 give or take..Both are very low end cards at this point in time. And you would be lucky to find a working driver that is actually supported. Im guessing that you will put one of these cards into an outdated system correct?
  2. Well this is for my eMachines T1100 PC that I have. I don't know if my system can handle the ATI Radeon 9250 or the GeForce FX series or the 6200 since my power supply is only 150 watts. I heard people say that the ATI Radeon 7200 and the GeForce 2 series will work. But of cource if possible I would like the GeForce FX series or even the 6200 to work.

    So I guess it looks like the GeForce 2 MX 400 is better overall if I were to choose between the two.
  3. There are drivers for both the ATI Radeon 7200 and GeForce2 MX 400. I found them at there website. Like I found the drivers for the Radeon 7200 on www.ati.com. I found the GeForce2 MX 400 drivers from www.nvidia.com. On Nvidia website just click on legacy then it will show you older video cards like TNT2 etc.
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