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I`ve seen them somewhere before, but I cannot seem to find any now. For my secondary HTPC (in the bedroom) I only need 5.1 surround because the majority of my SD media gets played back there, and I don`t want to make room for my old receiver. So has anyone seen any sound cards with integrated amplifiers for pci or pci-x? Please include linx if possible. Keep in mind that I do NOT need a lot of power for this back room system.
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  1. The following cards have powered amps built in:
    Auzentech Forte
    ASUS Essence ST/STX
    HT Omega Claro
  2. The only amplified sound card I can recall was in the msi Medial live diva 5.1 setup.
    for what its worth.
  3. Sound card's only have pre-amplifiers, as they all add voltage to increase output. A amplifier would have the ability to manipulate amperage output, which is something a sound card can't do.

    So either you are using the wrong terminology or the answer is simply that what you are looking for does not exist.
  4. Ah yes! Thank you popatim! The diva was the one i could not recall! I was thinking of buying the AM2 based diva board combo last year but never got around to it. And yes astrallite, you are correct, it is a pre-amp that i`m looking for, i`m well aware that a reference card cannot provide amplification. I was tired yesterday morning give me a break! :)
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