SMART error, should i be worried?

My 1 year old HP ProBook laptop is reporting two SMART errors since yesterday.

Here's a link to the diagnostics summary page:-

I'm a student, and it's gonna be pretty expensive for me to purchase a new laptop hard drive.
Is this a sure shot indication that the drive is in borrowed time?
I have ran two diagnostics,
1>Short DST,
2>Extended DST using HDDSentinel.
These tests come up fine.
But the two errors in the image don't go away.
The computer otherwise has no problems at all. No slowdowns, no lockups, no CRC errors, if it wasn't for this diagnostic utility i have always running in background, i would have never noticed this.

Please suggest.
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  1. I just did a Google search on the two failure notes and this is something that I found and might help:
  2. blazorthon said:
    I just did a Google search on the two failure notes and this is something that I found and might help:

    Thanks for your reply, but this isn't relevant to the issue i'm facing.
    My HDD doesn't fail short DST. Neither does it fail extended DST.
    the two errors i get are:-
    1> Reallocated sectors count :- 1 [RAW]
    2> Reallocation event count :- 1 [RAW]

    I've ran both the short DST and the extended DST (using HDDSentinel), the drive passes both these tests.
    But on the summary page, i always get these two errors. And then it says estimated life remaining is more than 1000 days, and disk health is "Excellent (98%)", performance is "Excellent (100%)" ..
    Up until yesterday, disk health showed 100%. It's now degraded by 2 percentage points.
    Please help..

  3. It's probably fine. You could run a CHKDSK to scan for and repair any damaged sectors.
  4. I wouldn't be too concerned, either. Just keep an eye on the attribute, and if its starts to increase on a regular basis, then I'd be concerned.
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    +1 on disk is fine, Although always check to see what Hd sentinel is saying: if it reaches or degrade to 50 % make backups.

    Also if the HD overheats it might degrade faster. You might want to keep it under 50 degrees if possible.
  6. FYI, the "Airflow Temperature" attribute is more correctly termed as "Temperature Difference from 100". So the Current Value of 67 actually represents 33C.

    The raw value consists of 3 components:

    656 474 145 = 0x27210021

    The 3 temperatures are 0x27 (= 39C), 0x21 ((= 33C), and 0x21 (= 33C).

    These probably represent the maximum, minimum, and current values for the current power cycle.

    Your SMART report doesn't show the Worst value, but if you subtract this number from 100, then that should give you the historically highest temperature.
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