Fan mod for 8800GT - How does the fan work with video cards? Air in o

I was wondering, the fans on GPUs blow air OUT of the video card correct?

Sorry for the dumb questions, I just want to make sure since im doing a mod to my video card. do I tell whats the correct positioning for a case fan's airflow? I'm not quite sure which side is air in and which side is air out..? This is the fan I bought for my 8800GT. Its a modified 80mm case fan. I just want to mount it onto the heatsink of my 8800GT to mimic the direction of airflow to the video card's stock fan. Any ideas? I recently have had poor judgment of fan airflow so I wanted to double check before i did anything that would maim my video card. Thanks again everyone.

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  1. GPU fans suck air in and then blow that air through a heatsink.

    You want to have your fan positioned like the 2 fans in the second picture so that it draws air in and blows it through the heatsink.
  2. So the square bracket on the second picture is on the heatsink? Thanks alot :D.
  3. Yep :) No problem.
  4. Hey, by the way, just out of curiosity.

    I found areas on my video card where the metal looked corroded. I assume its from the three years i've used it, but it looks like there are orange-deposit buildup as well like in these pictures.

    Any idea what they are exactly?
  5. trying to edit the message because i didn't realize the resolution to the pictures were so high. But the forum won't let me >.< sorry.
  6. you need to resize the images either with a program like photoshop, or an image hosting website like imageshack.

    I really don't have a clue to be honest, If I was to guess I'd say it looks like the heat spreader has come off and your left with the actual GPU, any chance you could get some more focused pictures, those are a little blurry.
  7. Haha, they are very blurry. I can't edit the post to like, LINK to the image instead of embedding it. Oh well. Thats not the actualy GPU die, its just random metal parts on the Graphics card lol.

    There, i was able to edit it so your view isn't so zoomed out. This patch is very close to the DVI connectors on one of the ends of the video card.
  8. Has anything come off the card that shouldn't have, like a heat spreader? Does the card still work?
  9. Yeah It does.
  10. Then I wouldn't worry about it :)
  11. haha k. was just curious. Although my cards do score lower than they did three years ago =(. Guess time does kill hardware.
  12. Yeah those cards are getting on a bit now, still half decent though
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