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I just got 2 XFX HD Radeon 5750's 1 gig each. Problems I'm having are that as soon as I hook up both in my system and attach the 2 bridge connectors between the 2 cards before windows even loads I get a BSOD saying SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION

I can load windows just fine with both cards installed and no connectors. I have ran windows off of just 1 card. Even tried each card seperately to make sure I didn't have a bad card. They each play games the same and nothing seems wrong. I've tried the cards in differant slots in my comp and each slot works. I have a Corsair TX650w power supply that's rated for 2 cards. My motherboard is MSI 790FX-GD70. Running a AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE. And 4 gigs of ram as well. I just flashed the bios up to the current version as well on that to make sure. I am running the newest catalyst drivers. I'm a little confused as to why as soon as I set up the bridges all hell brakes out with it. Any help is appreciated. I am about to just do a complete re-install of everything on my computer but would rather avoid that if at all possible as it takes all day to redownload everything :-( Thanks in advance!
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  1. Catalyst 10.5 Newest ones I could find on the webpage.
  2. Forgot to mention I am running windows 7 64bit. I changed from your link to the 64 version :-)
  3. Will try 10.4 and report back. Thank you!
  4. Installed older drivers. Almost same thing happens. Loaded into windows though this time for a few seconds before it blue screened on me. Same screen though :-( At the bottom of the blue screen it does say something about win32k.sys I believe it was. Does this mean anything or is it just gibberish from the OS?
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