Any way to cut down in price?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to build a $1000 gaming computer and have come up with these parts. First off, would you recommend them?

During my journey I have come across a problem ad that is that I have gone $100 over my limit. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to change the price and make it lower by changing parts? Preferably I would like to keep the graphics card. If there is anything you dislike and would want to cahnge let me know!

I am planning on overclocking slightly and also running a crossfire setup. My monitor resolution is 1920x1080. Is there much difference between the 5850 2gb and 1gb also is my psu enough. I may plan in the future to run a eyefinity setup.

Hard Drive:
DVD drive:
Wireless adapter:
Thermal compound:

Total: $1110

Thanks guys in advance!
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  1. i would love to help, but can you do a favor and put a space between all the colons and web adresses?
  2. Ok I have done that for you.

    Is there any components I am missing?
  3. If you're planning to overclock I suggest this GPU instead:

    Its almost the same card, and you can overclock it to reach the Toxic's (the one you have oirginally chosen) speeds and probably higher, plus it's 30 bucks less.

    The GPU you chose has 2GB of memory on it and from what I've been reading, its almost as good as a Crossfire setup so you may even opt for just a single card down the line. But where's the fun in that? :D

    PSU: The power supply you selected should serve you well, Newegg's estimated power usage for your system is around 520W, so you have some good headroom there.

    Wireless adapter: I know you're looking to cut costs but IMO a b/g wireless dongle is not the way to go, especially if you happen to play MMO's. I personally purchased a Wireless N PCI card and I couldn't be happier with it! I've never been disconnected because of signal issues.

    Do you need a mouse or monitor for your setup?
  4. No, I have a 1280x1024 monitor which I will use till I get enough money to get a decent monitor and I already have a good mouse. Is there anyway to save money on the ram or hard drive? I will look into that wireless card!
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  6. No you certainly picked the right parts and researched them well (applaud yourself for that).

    But other then dropping to a 1GB 5850 and shaving a $100 I don't see any way to drop $110 off your total. With that said you can probably look into combos to save $50 or so. And yeah :thumbdown: for that wireless adapter.
  7. Ok I got this wireless card,

    Any good?

    Any other way to cut down on costs?
  8. jefw123 said:
    Ok I got this wireless card,

    Any good?

    Any other way to cut down on costs?

    look at my build :) thats how :lol:
  9. btw, if you dont plan on xfiring the 5870 i recommended, then i can shave 40$ of the price.
  10. Wow good combo deals!

    How long will they last for?
  11. how long do you want them to last? i can always reconfigure it with new combos.
  12. As far as wireless adapters I recommend this one:

    It's the same price as the one you found but it has another antenna on it for better range and signal.

    Ares1214's recommendation for your system is indeed excellent. I just don't like USB wireless adapters. :P
  13. I Have just sold my laptop and should be getting enough money by next monday (i.e like 8 days). So preferably for around 1 and a half weeks please
  14. yeah, they should last, price might go up 30 bucks, but thats still well within your budget. use this as your bases, if they arent there in a week or 2, just come back and ill give you a new build.
  15. Thankyou ask I will buy that card instead than :)
  16. ok thankyou very much will add that to my cardsave it as build 2 thanks a lot
  17. sure thing. by the way, for pci network adapters, my vote goes for this:
  18. Best answer selected by jefw123.
  19. kk will do :)
  20. Im not sure why but the price for your configuration is coming for $1,100?
  21. o, in the price i showed, it didnt inlcude shipping as i dont know where you live, and it included the MIR, which makes the 50$ difference. sorry bout that, but still at budget, eh? :)
  22. No, I cannot go over 1000 which is the problem. :(

    Is there any more combo deals?
  23. not over 1000? i can shave off about down to that amount by getting a 5850 instead of a 5870. ill try to keep the 5870 in, hold on.
  24. so far, the lowest i can get it down without giving up the 5870 is 1037.25 including shipping and MIR. Ill look into a gtx 460 instead of a 5860, maybe add a i5 750 in there too.
  25. ok thankyou very much
  26. ok, by using an i5 750, a few different parts, and a gtx 460, i got it down to 989.99$:

    ok, so counting MIR and shipping, final price would be 989.99$. there are 2 good ways i can make it cheaper. 1 is if you dont plan on sli, i can save 60$ on the mobo. 2nd is if you got the 955, which would save about 90$, and then if you didnt want xfire, about 120$, give or take.
  27. OK, Please can I keep the sli solution there. What do you mean by 955? If it is a processor will it make much gaming performance difference?
  28. the cpu in this build is the i5 750 (200$) with a 170$ mobo, the one in the last build is a 955(160$) with a 140$ mobo. heres a comparison:

    gaming is at the bottom.
  29. You know what, I think I will leave it for a bit and safe up some money so I can get a sytem which I will enjoy from the very start. Thankyou very much for your help
  30. haha, sure thing, come back when you think you have enough :)
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