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CPU or RAM problem?

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September 17, 2010 4:47:52 PM

Hey guys
My computer will randomly freeze at any point , and if i have music playing the music will freeze aswell but carrying on making a sound. It sometimes un-freezes itself after 30 seconds , but usually i have to restart.
I know it sounds REALLY vague......but the reason for that is there is no other things i can say about the problem as there are no error messages at any point!

I remember when trying to install windows XP the installation would freeze at 34 minutes saying 'Installing Devices' not letting me install XP. I can install windows 7 fine and when using ubuntu (dual booted) this problem never happens! I don't know if these problems are related!

Love to hear your insight :)  Thanks.

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September 17, 2010 5:13:00 PM

What is your complete system setup? Did you try reinstalling a fresh copy of XP and you get the same issues?
September 17, 2010 6:38:43 PM

EVGA 650i Ultra Motherboard
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Intel Core Duo 2.40GHz
2gb ram
ATI 4850 graphics card
SAMSUNG 500gb hard drive

I have upgraded my cooling alot , my CPU stays around 42 after many hours of use and GPU stays around 40.

I tried a fresh copy of windows XP. Windows 7 installs fine no problem along with ubuntu. But still freezes randomly!

Could it be that im using 64 bit?
Also i heard that maybe i should update my chipset drivers? How would i go about this?

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September 18, 2010 5:35:34 AM

Well, I'm stuck. I don't see anything obvious that could be an issue.

To update your chipset driver, head on over to EVGA's page for you motherboard and click on downloads.

if i have music playing the music will freeze aswell but carrying on making a sound
Once it finishes the song while being frozen, does it stop, or does it move on to the next song?
September 18, 2010 6:39:29 AM

Check the event viewer to see if it's logging any errors (red X's).
September 19, 2010 12:36:24 PM

Thanks very much for your feedback!
It just happened again , and looked down in the even log and there were some indicators.
They said :

1) " EVENT ID : 56 "
" Level : Error "
"Driver ACPI returned invalid ID for a child device (3)."

2) "EVENT ID : 100"
"Level : Critical"
"Task Category : Boot Performance Monitoring"
" Windows has started up:
Boot Duration : 114210ms
IsDegradation : true
Incident Time (UTC) : ‎2010‎-‎09‎-‎19T12:18:28.656000000Z"

If anybody could help me out at all......i will bow down at your feet and worship you.
Virtually of course :) 

September 19, 2010 6:20:25 PM

Its seems a softwareproblem, maybe driver. Re-install the mobo drivers and be sure they are for ur mb/chipset.