ATTO Results. Does this look correct?

I just purchased an OCZ Vertex 3 90GB SSD and I ran ATTO and these are the results. This is with a Gigabyte ga-x58-ud3r mobo. I have the drive in the number 7 port which is one of the 6Gps ports and it uses the Marvell controller. I'm really not sure the best way to set this up BIOS-wise and all of that to get the best performance.

This is just a single drive (no RAID, obviously)

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  1. The scores look OK. But you better use the SATAII from intel to get the better performance. Because the Marvell act like the SATAII, and it is the slower SATA port. You can google the "Marvell ve Intel SATA " something like that. You can see more.

    I add one of them in here:

    Also you can google " Marvell SATA III Vs Intel SATA II ".
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