Which is better amd swmpron 2 7 Ghz or athlon 4400

Hello,help me to decide which processor is best amd sempron 2.7Ghz or athlon 4400+
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  1. If you are talking about the Sempron 140, which is based on the Athlon II, it would be the better choice under the following conditions:
    -It is cheaper and you just need to build a working computer (performance doesn't matter)
    -you dabble in overclocking, want to try to unlock the second core and are willing to accept the risks
    -You need excellent single threaded performance only (this is a rare circumstance)

    The Athlon 64 4400+ is better under the following circumstances:
    -All other circumstances and, at that, most circumstances.

    Even though the 4400+ is only 2.2GHz and based on the slightly older K8 architecture, because it has two cores, it is better at most things than the modern Sempron.
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