Did my graphics card die?

I have only had it about 6 months. It worked fine, then one day, turned on the computer and nothing showed up. I plugged it back into my motherboard from the graphics card and it worked, but for some reason will not show up when it is plugged into the card itself. It was a Radeon HD 4600 card. What could be the problem?
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  1. Maybe, but first ensure that the card and power connectors are firmly seated. If still a no-go, enter the BIOS and choose deafult or "fail-safe" settings, save and exit. If still a no-go, try another video card.
  2. Thanks for your response. You'll have to excuse my novice knowledge of computers, but to get into the BIOS, you hit F12 or F10 when the initial screen comes on right? Where would I go from there?

    Also, I'm not sure if it could be my power supply. I doubt it, because it worked fine for 6+ months with no problems. The card was a cheap OEM from fry's that I paid like 60 bucks, so it might be I got what I paid for.
  3. To go to bios, you need to Press "Del" at the moment it is booting up. Normally it flash the instruction in the boot up screen: "Hit Del to Enter Set-Up" or something like that depending on your motherboard.
  4. It worked, thanks so much!
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