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HELP: Best SSD for caching a 3TB WD Green HDD

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September 22, 2012 9:38:39 PM

Hi Guys,

I'm planning to buy a "Samsung 830 256GB SSD" as main disk and a "Western Digital 3TB Green HDD" for data.

What I need is assistance selecting the best SSD to use for caching that WD HDD.
I guess it should be an SSD between 50 and 64 GB.

This is what I found so far:
- SandForce based SSD are the fastest but not really reliable (that's why I went for the Samsung as main).
- The performance of a SSD model, is not the same if it is 32 or 256 GB. (Aparently it increases with size)
- There are SSD marketed specially for caching, and if I understood correctly, they are faster and some come with a caching software to use.
That makes me think they may be hardware optimized for that, and will perform better than a lower capacity version of one of the big SSD.

So, should I stick with a smaller "Samsung 830" for caching, or try going for a SandForce based like a Curcial M4, or maybe a SSD marketed for caching ?
Any other model to recommend?

September 25, 2012 4:46:39 AM

I've been doing more reading and apparently the "OCZ Synapse" is the fastest and best one for caching right now.

It's weird though, cause it uses asynchronous NAND instead of synchronous.

Other weird thing about it is that the one sold as 64GB only has 32GB for caching and uses the other 32GB for spare cells or something like that (apparently needed for caching)
Same thing happens with the 128 GB version which uses only 64 GB for caching.

So I'll go for that one.

Only doubt left is if I should use the Dataplex software provided by them, or use the SSD caching provided by the Marvell SATA controller in my motherboard, but I'm waiting someone to help me with that in the following topic SSD caching software - Intel SRT, Marvel HyperDuo, OCZ Dataplex, etc.