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My pc configuration is ASUS P5GC-MX/1333(Intel 945GC Express Chipset),Intel Pentium D 805 CPU 2.66 GHz,1.5 GB DDR2 667 MHz Ram.

Does my computer support DDR3 graphics cards and run PCI Express 2.0 cards without any problem????

Please can you give me a list of ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards which I can run smoothly on my pc?????
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  1. you can run any PCI-E card 1.0 or 2.0 that you can get in the case, and your PSU will keep up with, do not get a DDR2 card, so pick what you like and enjoy, good fraggin'
  2. You can use any PCIe card so long as you have enough power in your PSU. The question is, what resolution monitor do you have, what's your budget, and what games are you thinking of playing?
  3. and most likely the old pentium d and small amount of ram will limit you in modern games.....
  4. Basically get what you want, you got enough computer that you'll be happy
  5. Well, just like everyone said above, any card will fit on your motherboard, but it depend on your monitor resolution and PSU...
    Adding more RAM and OC your CPU a little bit should help a lot.
    tell us about your PSU, brand? model?
  6. My PSU Brand is Delta and it is 750 watts
  7. shahed204 said:
    My PSU Brand is Delta and it is 750 watts

    You should be fine, get the best card you can afford.
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