Ddr3 with pentium d

hey all,
just a quick question. I've read that you cant use pentium D with ddr3 dual channel but i got this MOBO
and it is good for both. so does that mean it's okay to buy some ddr3?
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  1. Its all good to get DDR3 memory.. Especially given the fact that you can use it if and when you decide to perform a complete platform upgrade.. Thus, getting some good DDR3 memory now will become a sort of long term investment.. Moreover they are priced almost identical to DDR2 nowadays..
  2. In theory, yes; I don't see why it wouldn't, architecture wise...

    I don't know why you'd even bother though, considering how SLOW the Pentium D is these days...Seems like a waste to me...
  3. Maybe the pentium D is for free and is a holdover CPU until a lga775 quad can be bought. The DDR3 will work fine.
  4. IMO if you can afford to buy the mobo, and afford to buy the ddr3 I would just wait till you could afford to buy the cpu. this way you can move to intel or amd's newer sockets.
  5. ^ Agreed. I too say buy CPU + RAM + board at the same time. Unless you need a system ASAP.
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