Does the 5770 MSI Hawk come factory sealed?

I recently ordered a 5770 MSI Hawk from NewEgg for a new system build I was putting together. It was the only piece of the system I paid full price for and I just got it today-- however, the box was a little torn and wasn't taped or sealed in anyway. The CD sleeve and some of the documentation was a bit bent as well.

I haven't actually tried the card and it looks to be in decent shape from what I can see-- the anti-static bag is taped shut and the various cables and converters are still sealed. However, I want to make sure that I wasn't sold a previously opened box, so I wanted to check with anyone else who has gotten this card to see if the box was factory sealed when they received it. If it isn't normally, I'll probably just put it down to a bad packing job at the manufacturing plant, but if it is normally sealed I'm willing to call up NewEgg and complain to make sure I get an unopened card.
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  1. If the antistatic bag was sealed then it's most likely you have a new card. Normally RMA'ed cards are not sealed or you can tell that the seal was carefully taken off and put back into place. Also look for fingerprints or smudging..
  2. Thanks. From that and a couple others, it does look like my card was packaged the same as others have received them. And I didn't notice any fingerprints or that the tape looked like it had been pulled up and replaced (unless they did a good job).
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