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I just ordered a brand new PSU, GPU, Processor, RAM, and Mobo to put into my old Alienware ATX case. The extent of my playing around inside of my computer was unplugging the graphics card and then plugging it back in. Does anyone have a really good (detailed, preferably pictures included) link to a guide as to how I can do this on my own or some suggestions as to what I should do and how best I should go about doing this? Tips and the like are always welcome.
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  2. Please list part numbers of all new hard ware, and hardware you plan to keep. from the old pc.

    It sounds like you are just keeping an old case, and all new hardware. As far as a stepby step guide you really wont find anything, but you can find general guides. And we wont be able to really help you without more details on what you have.
  3. Combine hunter's link with the checklist in the first part of:

    Should cover the bases pretty well.
  4. My current PC:
    Pentium 4 Processor
    Radeon X850 XT GPU
    The rest I will need to look at later this evening and get back to you on...

    My Upgrades:
    CPU INTEL|CORE I5 750 2.66G R
    MB ASUS|P7P55 LX P55 1156 RT

    I also did not get any thermal compound and apparently I needed to? Kinda worried about the compatibility with my current Hard Drive too, though I'm unsure what my current one is at the moment because I'm at work.
  5. Those links are very helpful. Lots of good information there.
  6. i think retail cpus come with thermal compound, but if youre overclocking it id recomend geting a tube of artic silver 5
  7. Great, thanks! I think I may have a computer guru who can put it together for me without costing me anything. I'm interested to see how this goes...
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