MSI P67A-GD65 Squeal/Whine

Okay so i just recently built a new SB rig

i5 2500k
msi gtx 570 twin frozr III
8gb gskill ripjaw 1600
RV03 case
850 rosewill rx psu
etc etc

The motherboard i have is making a low squealing noise though... or whine w/e you want to call it. At first i thought it was the video card then i though it could be the CPU HSF fan so i tested out a different GPU still same squeal so the gtx 570 is working properly.... then i unplugged the HSF and still persisted. Now i thought crap it must be the power supply... i tested the PSU with another computer and listened closely and it wasnt the PSU. THEN only then i figured out that it was the motherboard. I came to this conclusion because the other rig i tested... my dads has the same mobo except with the 2600k and a 6970 gpu. So then i assembled my dads pc and boot it with the door open to listen for the same noise and viola same sound. The only thing is i dont notice it at all on his because its in the HAF X 942 and under a desk.

For me however... the new silverstone case is not under a desk in fact its out in the open about 4-5 feet from my ears. Not only that but the top that covers the case is also very opened up to allow the air to escape.

Being that i have sensitive hearing and my room is rather small i can hear the squeal distinctly. I believe it has something to do with the little blue LEDs on the motherboard which i think indicate what power state the cpu is in? Is there a way to disable them in the bios and see if that remedies the problem? I heard it was something called the "C-state" but im not completely certain so i hope to get some clarification on this topic.

Thank you for any input :)
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  1. You are totally asking for trouble running a pc with no case top. Fair enough having a side panel off, but the top? Forget the fact that you are ruining the positive airflow of your case but your PC is screwed if you spill a drink into it or whatever. If you are genuinely concerned about the temperature of your case install more fans! However, I digress.

    I've had motherboards that do this and it is rather annoying as I'm very particular about having silent systems. I'd be amazed if you can turn this LED off in the bios. By design the LED is show the status of the hardware; it should not be able to be influenced by anything other than the hardware component.

    Can't say that I really recommend it but you could replace the LED or maybe even remove it. At a guess it's connected in parallel so perhaps simply snipping it out wouldn't affect other components. Don't assume this though.

    As a workaround maybe you should consider picking up some of the AcoustiPack case soundproofing sheets. This would mean you'd need to put that case top back on though ;)
  2. I don't know whether or not you actually read my post or not but I'm completely aware of air flow being that i decided on purchasing the Raven case for the 90 degree tilt design to allow air to exit from the top. What i meant by top off was that the top cover isn't as concentrated as other cases that may just be completely closed off. The top of the RV03 has a lot of vents and open space as compared to older models. The side of the case was simply off for testing purposes and to confirm the location of the sound. I have all panels and the top on and plan to keep it that way whilst using the rig.

    I did not imply that the LEDs are causing the noise but i believe they are in the exact area the buzz/squeal/whine is coming from... to put it accurately its like an electronic hiss that is silent but my ears can pick it up and it becomes distracting. With headphones on i wont hear it but i dont wear those all the time sometimes i like to have them off and use the speakers but if theres nothing playing through the speakers at a moderate level i hear it.

    The LEDs are indicators of the CPU power usage level according to its load that is what i believe the manual had stated. When they flash, especially noticeable as the system shuts down i hear the noise more so than when the PC is sitting at idle. I think the fluctuations of volts being manipulated automatically causes the noise and i want to get rid of that.
  3. I had the same mobo expect the AMD version.I think the might have rushed this mobo into production way to fast which is why their are many error in both the AMD and Intel version.Not sure what the problem could be causing that but on my board their was a hissing sound thru the speakers when you would go to shut it down.The only thing I can think of that would remotely make random noise within a case is the Case Fans.If a bearing is off or defective that would account for the noise.

    To turn off the Blue LED's go into the Green Power option in the BIOS.In their you should see the LED info and you can choose which power state they should show or you can disable them completely.
  4. BlazenDemon said:
    I don't know whether or not you actually read my post or not

    Excuse me for trying to help you. I won't bother in the future.
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