Make two sound cards work together

I want both soundcards to play same sound. Is this possible?
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  1. No

    Windows - i am assuming you are using - will only allow playback through a "default" device that you set, which would be one or the other - not both.

    [edit] However you may be able to figure out a third party program or piece of software like the end poster from this topic if you can figure out how he did it... -
  2. i dont see why youd want to do that anyway

    only one device of sound can be used at time.
  3. Well, if a particular program allows you to set a non-default sound output, you CAN stream two audio streams at once. Aside from that, the options to allow for multiple sound outputs are very limited in Windows...

    What are you trying to accomplish? Might be easier to use some form of a switch if you're trying to get output to two external devices...
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