Is the core i3 enough?

Hello everyone.
Will a core i3 530 CPU be enough for games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and the Fabled Diablo III (if it ever comes out)? If not, what CPU would you recommend for these games? Also, if I do go with the i3, would I be able to upgrade to the 6-core i7 in the future, with the same motherboard? Thanks for your help!
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  1. i would not suggest getting an i3 right now, sandy bridge is less than a quarter away, the cpu is quite capable, beating even q8 series in some tests as well as the athlon II x4, but the onboard graphics are not appropriate for new games, i get good framerates on NFS most wanted, but i would not recommend anything newer, the onboard gpu only has 12 shaders

    it is doubted that intel will release hexacores for 1156, since that would sabotage 1155 sandy bridge, wait for 1155 or go amd tripple core
  2. I wasn't planning on using the onboard graphics, perhaps I should have stated that in my original post. Would the sandybridge CPUs use the same motherboards as the core-i family, or would I have to upgrade it as well as the CPU when sandy comes out?
  3. the sandy bridge due to be released will be socket 1155, and all reports so far say that neither cpu nor board will be backward compatible with 1156
  4. Gotta screw with money, intel..
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