Freezes...on a comp that should be Immune to it

Laptop Acer Aspire 57400G-434G64MN
Ati Mobility Radeon 5650 HD 1024 DDR3 Ram
Intel Core i5 430M (2,26 Ghz)
and some other things.

i run all games i have on MAX resolution/texture quality, etc.
I have freezes.
Random,annoying,sometimes every 1 minute, sometimes im free of them for over 10-15 minutes.
The freezes i am talking about occur on games such as Team Fortress 2(i can't stand them), Left 4 Dead(not that much-almost no problem) and ...
Now,the funny thing is that they happen despite the fact i am running everything smoothly on max.
Im 90% sure this is a software bug. Problem is, i reinstalled the Video Drivers severral times (im currently on 10_5 version on Ati drivers).

So,any help,comments? I would really appreciate any suggestions.
It might be (must be,) a software/driver problem.
Anyone with that laptop who can suggest some nice OLDER drivers that work 100% is also heartly welcomed.
Thank you!
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  1. Have you tried installing the ORIGINAL Catalyst drivers? ie The drivers that were working before you had problems.

    A driver (IMO) performs depending on an individual's setup. ex Catalyst 10.1 was terrible on my rig BUT worked OK for other users.
  2. Sounds like a CPU problem. Tf2 is CPU-demanding, as well as GTAIV. Try closing all background applications.
  3. Sometime, the latest driver is not the best, the older driver might more stable...
    Also check your temps, is there any overheating?
  4. Ok,ignore the GTA problem, it appears to be due to some installation problems...kinda fixed that.
    However, the problem with TF2 and, apparently, WoW, exist.
    Whenever there is a server involved,the freezes occur.

    So my question is:
    can the server be the reason for Freezes?
    I have played some games on TF2 where i have not have a single freeze for hours,
    BOOM-I swap the server and Voala-freezes.

    Can a server be the reason for a freeze?
    That's all i want to know.
  5. Here is more "interesting" info.
    Yesterday, after the laptop has been working for almost a day, I entered L4D.
    I played nearly 2 hours.
    I beated a campaign-no freezes.
    Played on a versus Server, took me over an hour-not a single freeze.
    Entered another Versus Server: 2-3 freezes for 30 minutes play.
    Not that game spoiling, but it definately can't be overheating, right? because it has been at almost 100% capacity all the time, and had it been for the overheat,then i would not have been able to play the campaign and the first versus on L4d for sure.

    On other Single Player Games i have no problems.

    Could it be them?

    Also-thank you for the help guys, really appreciate that :)
  6. Server? Yeah, that's easily possible. Do me a favor and load up Tf2, open console, and type, "map pl_badwater" (no quotation marks), and just jump around, play around, whatever. Practice rocket jumping. Tell me if any freezes occur.
  7. Ok,did as you say, here are the results:

    The FIRST Freeze appeared somewhere after 3 minutes in the game ( Played as BLU-capturing the point).The interesting thing is that it froze when I SUICIDED-the moment i died rocket jumping.

    The SECOND Freeze appeared when i was close to the first checkpoint.(and the psycho lady said i was nearing a checkpoint).

    The THIRD Freeze appeared the very moment i captured the second Control Point.I had no freeze when i captured the third, though.

    The FOURTH Freeze appeared when there were exactly 5 minutes left in the mission-she even couldnt say there were 5 minutes left-it froze at 5:00.

    And the final FIFTH Freeze appeared when i lost (Yeah,playing by my own and still losing),when the scoreboard appeared and the moment i switched teams and became RED. I don't know whether i should count this as freeze, because it often happens when the end of the round and teams are switched.

    So,all freezes HERE happen at some ... interesting Points,when something interesting happens.
    So...what is the judgement? What do these results state?

    P.S:Also Note that I played on max resolution, 16x AS, 8xAI and so forth(MAX of the MAX)-5960 fps constantly,except these...bloody freezes.
  8. When these freezes occure, you seem to be able to get out of them. Does the sound loop? How long is it frozen? Do you have any control ie: can you alt+tab out or ctrl+alt+del while frozen?
    Also, are these issues new or has this been happening since purchase?

    Sounds a bit like a GPU memory issue. I've had freezes after overclocking which I fixed by lowering the GPU ram speed by a little (from 1220 to 1210 - freezes occured in STALKER: CoP). However, before a "big freeze" which required a hard reboot it would get little freezes and then the game would resume after.

    Another possible issue is somethink I had occure in SC2 beta. The game would freeze, then speed up to catch up and it did this a lot. That issue was resolved by changing the Catalyst A.I. setting to disabled (ideal to leave it on but apparently it has issues).
  9. The Freezes last between 1,5 seconds to 2,5 seconds.
    Yes, the sound loops and then the game catches up-as you said.
    This happens only on "Server games"-WoW,TF2, L4D too,but on the last i have them sooo seldomly its neglectable.
    I haven't tried alt+tab or so,will try next time.
    And what do you mean to turn off the Ati Catalyst settings? (and how is that possible?).
  10. Since you have an ATI card it should have a program called Catalyst Control Center installed, you generally can get to it either from the tray tools icons or right clicking on your desktop. Catalyst A.I. is a specific feature of it, I'm not entirely sure what it does... I know with it off Crossfire won't work... but for whatever reason having it off helped with the Starcraft 2 freezes.

    Given that the sound loops, you should make sure to update to your most recent sound drivers. Especially if you have a sound card installed. It's not always the issue but sound looping can sometimes be attributed to sound drivers.

    You should make sure everything on your PC is up to date driver wise. You can download for example Driver Detective for free and have it check your drivers. If it shows some out of date, it'll want you to pay to auto update them, however, since it tells you which they are you can just go to the manufacturer's website to get the newest drivers. Could be that your network adapter is causing issues or something like that.
  11. No, i know what the Ati catalyst is, i just don't know how to turn it off. As a matter of fact, i even didn't know it could BE turned off :))
    Anyway, if you can give me a step-by-step info on the turn-off process, i would be grateful.
    One more thing-The Driver Detector you advised me to download-it doesnt recognise my Laptop, i.e. it is not on the list with possible choices. Searched everywhere for AS 5740G, but it cannot locate it.
    Any other program that can substitute it?

    P.S: Just played some more L4D-it has 1/100 of the problems that Tf2 has...Still,managed to pull out a game of around 10 minutes on TF2 without a single freeze.Then...
  12. For the CCC thing... it's not that you're turning off CCC, just a feature called "Catalyst A.I.". You can get to it by right clicking the CCC icon in your tray, then select your card, go to 3D settings, then the Catalyst A.I. option. Alternatively open up CCC and go to the 3D settings tab.

    Not sure about other driver software but you can just try checking out your hardware manufacturer websites... although the other thing about Driver Detective is if it doesn't have your PC you can maybe just do a manual search for your mobo and go by that.
  13. Ok people, the case is nearing its conclusion.
    First of all: CONFIRMED that i have no problems with the Single Player Games-just downloaded (shame on me,but i had to try it) GTA Liberty City Stories-Runs great (as great as one GTA IV can run-with the texture popping and disappearing,but hey, this is a Rockstar Issue), on max resolution, some high texures and Max AA(and decent FPS,too).

    Now, for the Multiplayer Games:

    Is it true that Windows 7 AUDIO receives packages and only when enough number of packages has been reached, then the game proceeds? And that when there is a slow receipt, such freezes Occur?

    I was told that from my cousin, who ALSO used to have this problem- No SP Games problems, only Multiplayer issues(and according to his words-exactly the same issues as mine). So, he searched the net and found out about that package thing. After Updating The Audio ( or was it installing something) everything went back OK-no more annoying freezes(just small once very rarely,but this is no problem).

    I DISABLED all my audio devices and here are the results:

    The Freezes in TF2 have dropped with about 95%.
    The only FREEZES occur ONLY the moment the ROUND ENDS or, exceptionally,when sometimes i get killed-i died like 30 times,and MAYBE(i am still not sure if there were freezes,because there was no sound to loop) there were 2 cases when it froze (but since i was dead, i really didn't mind-it is when i am alive that freaks me out).

    Only 1 case of freeze was stated as i was moving.
    However, i think this might be due to I have not solved the problem- i have just ignored it,i.e. i haven't downloaded the right driver/update/software, just removed the sound devices, and the windows 7 still might be getting the packages wrong (if ofc. the package thing is true, I really want a confirmation on that,pleeeease). So I am pretty sure if i get the software thing sorted out,even these freezes will disappear (yay).

    I reran the Badwater Basin test again-not a single freeze. Except when i reswitch a new class and on spawning,there was a bit of freeze (but the time seems to freeze too-interesting). Still,count this as 0 freezes. (Compared to the 5 when the sound devices were ON).

    Now i asked my cousin what exactly he downloaded,but,as he said, even if i Killed him, he would not remember. He told me that he read a topic in the steam forums about the same problem and followed some links there. But as it had been long ago,he just can't figure it out.
    Another peculiar thing that comes to my mind NOW is that the Driver Detective pointed out that my AUDIO DEVICES were out of Date. However, as it was not able to distinguish my appropriate series of the laptop (it showed Acer Aspire 5735-...something... and mine is 5740G), i really didn't pay much attention to that.

    again, Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit.

    The case is nearing its conclusion (hopefully). one last push.
    P.S. If you know that this is the case, please recommend what should i do(install, download,from where).
    Thank you for your support! It definately Means ALOT!
  14. I would say do a search for your motherboard and sound drivers like "Acer Aspire 5740G sound drivers" and see what pops up. It could certainly be a sound related issue.

    I did a quick search, looks like it has what you need although I'd double check your current driver versions against these ones first.
  16. Yes, they are the same.
    Realtek Audio Driver alright, i have them.
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