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First time here,so please bear with me.I want to build a HTPC,and I was thinking about using parts off my old computer.Basically I want to know if I should use a pentium 4 processer,3.2Ghz,and if I could,could I use my Gigabyte GA-8I915G-MF motherboard?Any and all advice appreciated.
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  1. If you are going to be using it for high def video playback then you might want something better than a P4, but a cheap athlon II X2 on a 785G board is plenty for an HTPC so it wont costs too much, many HTPCs are low budget builds, you can probably do it for under 400 pretty easily.
  2. Well depends on the OS. If it's Win7 that 100 bucks always bumps up the price some.

    If you check my information, and my member configuration, it lists my specs for my HTPC.

    Cost me I think 600 bucks?
  3. Ok,guys,Thanks.Now,I don't have cable,I have satellite,along with a DVR.Where does this leave me as far as what I need to install besides Cpu,motherboard,PSU video card,sound card,optical drive,memory,hard drive,and case.
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