I7 920 Idling @ 65c, OC Issues


i7 920 @ 2.66, Stock HSF
750W PSU

I built my current computer about a year and a half ago. I'd tried to OC the CPU before, but it never took. I had a good grasp of things but assumed I was screwing something up and decided to leave it. Fast foward to a week ago. I tried overclocking the i7 again and had the same issues. Even on 3Ghz it would boot as far as the OS and restart itself.

I decided to check my temps and I found that I was idling at about 68c. I knew this was off, so I ran out and picked up some Arctic Silver 5 to re-mount. Upon removing Intel's stock cooler, I noticed that the thermal paste was splotchy and dried looking and there was dust on the CPU. I cleaned off the dust and old paste and laid down some AS5. After struggling with Intel's HSF a bit, it was re-mounted and I booted up. My temps were about 65c. I realized, however, that my temps were jumping up to 80-90c. The HSF had been wobbling partially off of the CPU.

So here I am, with my case on its side, letting gravity hold the HSF in place for me. My temps are now about 65c.

Does this sound like a cooling problem? I've been looking at buying a Spire TherMax Eclipse II.

Or is my particular i7 not so good?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. 65°c is high for idle. It does sound that you original cooler is not good so I would try an aftermarket one as you are thinking about.
  2. CM Hyper 212+ is a good inexpensive cooler. Pretty sure it supports LGA1366.
  3. Do you suppose that it's really just the cooling? I don't hear of any i7's, even with stock cooling, idling at 65c. So at this point I'm wondering if there's something faulty with my CPU.
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    If the HSF wobbles, then it is not adequately secured, and that definitely explains the high temps. Make sure you have the pins correctly locked (this can be a royal pain sometimes).
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