Pin orientation for the headers

when connecting the pins for the panel lights for my case [storm scout] i noticed a few things..

the pled+ and pled- were individial pins and matched the markings for the headers

but the other pins were grouped.. with no indication of "+" or "-" ..on the back of the grouped pin, one had a ">" and the other has a "G" [ground?]

anyway i did my best to locate the correct positioning for the buttons and hdd light. i assumed ">" to mean "+" and "G" to mean "-" even though there were headers labeled "ground", in most cases they were not in an eligable position to be connected by a grouped pin.

..and then theres the fact that a seperate section had pled+, pled+, pled- and g ..duplicating some of the headers found in the system panel group. I ignored those extra pled headers.

anyway.. since theres a somewhat signifigant chance i wired some of those pins and headers incorrectly... would i risk any damage booting this thing up? ..or do things like led light connections not carry enough power to cause a short?
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  1. It should not effect the mobo. usually the ground wire is black or white and the hot lead is coloured.
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