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Hello, my dad's computer died recently and he needs a new one. The only things this computer needs to do is surf the web, check e-mail, and play Starcraft 2. I would like him to be able to play with decent graphics settings. His budget is flexible but approximately $650 with a monitor. Here is a link to SC2 recommended specs , not sure what kinda of graphics performance those would yield. He needs a computer as soon as possible for his work, so ideally I would like to get a store bought. The problem with those is that none have graphics cards within the price range. Is it ok to buy a computer such as a Dell, or Gateway with decent specs and then add a graphics card? For example, how well off would I be buying then adding . Any advice/info will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You should buy the parts and build it yourself, it's easy and it takes a couple of hours, the brand ones are expensive. Or at least find a site where thy allow you to customize your PC.
  2. If you need a computer right away it will work OK adding in a video card and beating the recommended SC2 requirements.

    The GT 240 doesn't quite measure up to a 8800GTX in GPU power though. You'd need a GTS 250 to match that spec.
    Passmark GPU scores:
    8800GTX = 1050
    GT 240 = 768
    GTS 250 = 1069

    We'd need to check that case can handle a 9" video card and that the PSU has enough power.
  3. That Dell Inspiron i545-1125NBK doesnt get very good reviews: Cnet Review
    It has the Dell 250W PSU which won't have enough power for the GTS 250.
    Looks like the GT 240 will have to do for an upgrade card.
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